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Ethiopia: Ethiotelecom - Get additional 2x extra bonus credits

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Send recharge to your family and friends in Ethiopia and they will receive additional 2X Bonus.


Terms & conditions:


In celebration of Ethiopian Epiphany Holiday, ethio telecom has launched a 100% airtime bonus for recharges.


- Effective day of the promotion will be 5 days

- Bonus is available for recharges of BIR 50 and above.

- The validity period of the offered bonus is 5 Days.

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ALL COUNTRIES: General top-up limits , please read before sending

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General top-up limits are imposed by operators and are calculated as how much credits can the receiver number get in a certain gap of time.

The limitations are :
01 Day => max 100 USD
07 Days => max 150 USD
30 Days => max 200 USD

There is also a certain number of top-ups that can be sent within a certain time frame to one number:

01 Day => 10 top-ups
07 Days => 15 top-ups
30 Days => 40 top-ups 

Only exceptions to these rules are Egypt and Cameroon , please check separate announcements for these two countries.

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